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Find Solution by sekasuku.

What is sekasuku?

sekasuku is the web application tool to help to draw diagrams for TOC Thinking Process.

You can draw diagrams easily, check whether a content is correct, download your diragrams as a image file.

Complicated problem can be solved with this usefull and efficient tool.

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What kind of problems can I solve?

TOC Thinking Process Framework covers any problems such a problem which is posted on web forum for personal counseling, a problem which is for corporate business like a improving profits,
even a social problem like a high crime rate.

However, only problems in a range, which you have a knowledge about and you are able to influence, can be solved.
If you treat a worldwide problem, you need to encourage a team which can treat that problem.

Problem / Counseling

Problems such as posted on Web Forum for personal counseling

If you think with TOC Thinking Process Logic Tree, you can consider objectively logically about your personal problem such as posted on a forum then you can find a solution easily.

Corporate and institutional
Problem / Counseling

Problems such as consult a business consultant

If you use sekasuku as problem-solving app tool, you can solve a problem such as consult business consultant by yourself then you can develop a optimum management strategy by yourself. You are going to have a bright future.

Social and world
Problem / Counseling

Problems such as a politician and a think tank think

To express clearly a structure of a social problem and a solution by TOC Thinking Process Logic Tree and share, makes it common view easily. A politician can easily explain how a manifest will solve a social problem. If it is a good solution, that politician is supposed to get elected probably.

How Do I Solve the Problem?

Use TOC Thinking Process - Framework for Problem-Solving Tool, then clarify the situation and solve the problem.

How to solve

Your problem will be solved by the following steps.

  • UDE

    STEP 1 (What You Change)

    List Some UDEs

    List some UDEs(UnDesirable Effect) = Troubled Situation on a canvas by the policy.

    Clarify the situation and what have been troubling you.

  • CRD

    STEP 2 (What You Change)

    Create Core Cloud and Clarify Core Problem.

    Create 3 Clouds (EC/CRD) with 3 concerned UDEs. (3 Cloud Method)

    Create the Core Cloud abstracted by 3 clouds and Clarify the structure of problem produced by a conflict.

  • CRT

    STEP 3 (What You Change)

    Check whether all UDEs are connected to Core Problem.

    Does that problem have a lot of related other problems and in vicious circle?

    Only solve the one problem, then also solve other problems in one sweep.

    Therefor, to find Core Problem which is the origin of all problems is the best way.

    Draw Current Reality Tree(CRT) and check whether Core Problem causes all UDEs.

  • EC/CRD

    STEP 4 (What You Change To)

    Figure Out the Solution (Injection)

    Focus on Core Problem and consider a reason why Core Problem exists and not yet solved.

    Has a confrict been caused by a preconception, a principle of structure, a difference of opinion with someone?

    Draw CRD/EC for Core Problem and clarify the structure of a condrict.

    Then remove the false assumption which is the cause of a confrict and consider the solution to resolve a conflict in a win-win situation.

    If it is easy problemm you are supposed to solve the problem with that solution.

    If you think it is still difficult, go to next step.

  • FRT

    STEP 5 (What You Change To)

    Refine the Solution

    It seems that that solution is very good, but you may get worried whether if it can be solved.

    At such times draw FRT(Future Reality Tree) and refine the solution.

    Consider in advance whether that solution is able to solve all problems and what you do if implementing that solution makes a new problem.

    Design a virtuous circle opposite vicious circle in FRT to good results make good results more.

    Make a presentation to people involved how implementing refined solution makes the future good and then make companies more.

  • PRT

    STEP 6 (How You Change)

    Overcome the Obstacle

    After in previous step, you may think that it is difficult to accomplish the goal because there are alot of obstracts and resistances from people around to implement the solution.

    At such times draw PRT(Prerequisite Tree) and consider that how to overcome obstacles.

    List obstracts to accomplish the goal and consider how to overcome those obstracts and determine the intermediate objective.

    List obstracts to accomplish that intermediate objective also and dig into next intermediate objectives how to overcome those obstracts by repetition.

    It will be the milestone toward achieving to the goal that if you accomplish intermediate objectives in opposite orders of digging into intermediate objectives.

  • TrT

    STEP 7 (How You Change)

    Develop an Action Plan

    To make sure a schedule how to accomplish intermediate objectives determined in previous step, draw TrT(Transition Tree) and develop an action plan.

    Define "Who", "What", "When", "How" concretely required to make current situation to the goal.

    Know what situation is while you accomplish intermediate objectives in advance and prepare for it.

  • Solve Problem

    STEP 8

    Solve the Problem!

    Please don't be afraid. Just proceed.

    Solve the problem according to action plan which is developed in previous step.

    You can have a smile seeing that virtually all problems are getting solved.

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